Director and Senior Physiotherapist

I have over 25 years experience in private practice and over 20 years experience in teaching musculoskeletal physiotherapy at La Trobe Uni. I feel that my role as an academic keeps me up to date in my clinical work and that my clinical experience gives me credibility as a teacher. I have been lucky enough to have worked with and been inspired by brilliant clinicians and academics throughout my career. This has occurred from when I was a new graduate at The Alfred, during clinical practice in Dandenong and Hawthorn and more recently while studying for and sitting my specialisation exams. I really enjoy learning then sharing my knowledge or skills, either formally in tertiary and private settings or informally with colleagues and friends.

My research interests have focused on cervicogenic headache and neck pain which form a great knowledge base for sorting out complex clinical presentations. I like to treat every new presentation as a jigsaw puzzle to be solved. I gather pieces of the puzzle during the examination, then put the pieces together to form a clinical picture, leading to successful treatment. Some puzzles are easy, some are hard and some might have missing pieces! It is the individual variety of clients and their presentations that makes clinical work challenging, varied and rewarding.

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